1. He doesn’t have (much / many) money.
  2. I would like (a few / a little) salt on my vegetables.
  3. She bought (that / those) cards last night.
  4. There are (less / fewer) student in this room than in the next room.
  5. There is (too much / too many) bad news on television tonight.
  6. I do not want (these / this) water.
  7. This is (too many / too much) information to learn.
  8. A (few / little) people lest early.
  9. Would you like (less / fewer) coffee then this?
  10. This jacket costa (too much / too many).


  1. Jason’s father bought him the bicycle that he had wanted for his birthday.
  2. The Statue of liberty was a gift of friendship from fance to the United State.
  3. Rita is studying English and Math this semester.
  4. The Judge asked the witness to tell the truth.
  5. Please give me a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
  6. The big books on a table are for my history class.
  7. No one in Spanish class knew the correct answer to Mrs. Perez’s question.
  8. My the car is four years old and it still rus well.
  9. When you go to the store, please buy a bottle of chocolate milk and a dozen oranges.
  10. There are only a few seats left for tonight musical at the university.
  11. John and Marcy went to school yesterday and then studied in the library before returning home.
  12. lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in North America.
  13. On our trip to spain, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
  14. Mount Rushmore is the site of a magnificent tribute to the four great American Presidents.
  15. What did you eat for the breakfast this morning?
  16. Lovie played the basketball and the Boy’s Club thus year.
  17. Rita plays the violin, and her sister plays the guitar.
  18. While we were in Alaska, we saw an Eskimo village.
  19. Phil can’t go to the moves tonight because he has to write an essay.
  20. David attended Princetan University.
  21. Harry has been admitted to the school of Medicine at mid western university.
  22. Mel’s grand mother is in the hospital, so we went to visit her the last night.
  23. political science class is taking a trip to the Soviet Union in spring.
  24. A Queen Elizabeth II is a Monach of the Great Britain.
  25. The Declaration of Independence was drawn up in 1776.
  26. Scientists hope to send expediting to mars during 1985.
  27. Last night there was a bird singing outside my house.
  28. The chair that you are sitting in is broken.
  29. The civil war was fought in United States between 1861 and 1865.
  30. The Florida State University is smaller than the University of Florida.

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  1. ini catetan2 dari dosen..

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